Hi, my name is Sweta. I am an award-winning writer, productivity consultant, and certified holistic health counselor who helps you uncover your potential and accomplish your goals. I use creativity tips and holistic wellness to find solutions to your obstacles.

I love what I do: helping others elevate their productivity and live a life of fulfillment while paying attention to their wellness. Success and wellness go hand-in-hand. So I feel grateful knowing I am doing something positive for the world.

I am here to help you attain your goals. We should work together if any of these resonate with you:

  • You find it hard juggling it all—work, wellness, family, friends, and other interests.
  • You feel overwhelmed and drained out from your personal and professional commitments, and want a few smart tips and tricks to make life easier.
  • You want to be healthy and happy and make right choices… but despite trying, you can’t seem to find the best options.
  • You want to elevate your productivity (be it as a creative type or a business professional or an entrepreneur or a busy parent) so you can find better balance in your life.
  • You are willing to make mindful lifestyle changes to enhance the quality of your personal and professional relationships but don’t know where to begin.
“Whether I was on the yoga mat or drafting a poem based on one of the prompts, I felt focused, engaged, and confident that my participation mattered. Working with Sweta in these physical and mental disciplines proved transformative. I am grateful for her gentle guidance, warmth, and expert knowledge.”

“I wrote things I never could have written without the loving guidance of Sweta. I feel very blessed to have worked with her and hope to do so again.”
“There are very few people in this world who truly embody their truth—Sweta is one of them. A life that leads by example, a poet, a yogi, and a true believer in the power of the human soul.”

MONICA BHIDE, One of Mashable's top 10 food writers on Twitter
“Few writers use their unique gift to heal, empower, and advocate as Sweta Vikram has. Sweta’s award-winning writing—always daring, smart, and compassionate—directs us to look where we wouldn’t normally.”

JUSTEN AHREN, Director Noepe Center, Author of A Strange Catechism
“Thank you, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, for teaching me balance and perspective, for helping me learn how breath impacts creation and calm, for so generously sitting with me to teach me Ayurvedic techniques.”
REBECCA NISON, Author of If We'd Never Seen the Sea
“Working side by side with Sweta has been a source of inspiration and calm. Amidst the daily chaos and competing agendas, she leads you back to the heart of what makes you feel most well and as a result, most productive.”
Chief Marketing Officer, GRIND
“Sweta has a very soothing and calm demeanor. I always look forward to seeing her. Her yoga classes are very rejuvenating, healing and grounding. I highly recommend Sweta for any and all of your holistic needs. She is a very special person and cares deeply for all she comes in contact with.”
“During her writing workshops at the Panchgani writers retreat using her special blend of yoga and Ayurveda, Sweta taught me how to nourish myself mentally, spiritually and physically to get the best out of my writing. We started each day with yoga setting our intentions which made me feel very grounded and focused, This truly enabled me to write things I didn’t even know were in me. I feel very grateful to have met Sweta and very much hope to meet her again.”
“The Writers’ Retreat was much more beautiful and value-adding than I anticipated. The setting was perfect for writing and Sweta’s daily sessions helped trigger a lot of thoughts and ideas.
The unexpected bonus was in the yoga and ayurveda experience… while I knew that we need to balance our physical, mental, emotional dimensions, the way to do it through food in simple ways was a new learning.”

Stay Connected. Stay Productive. Stay Inspired.

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