How Meditation Can Help a Writer

"Between social media, emails, newsletters, online ads, we are constantly bombarded with hot writing trends and best-selling genres. In this over-stimulated state, the pressure to blindly follow what others are doing [...]

Writers: Empower Yourself With Self-Care

"Dear writers: Make time for YOU and actually care for yourself. When we hear self-care, a lot of us assume that it means spending $$$ at a spa. Many of us believe [...]

Benefits of Walking Meetings

"You have probably heard about the numerous health benefits of walking – right from strengthening your heart, boosting the immune function, and easing joint pain to counteracting the effect of weight-promoting [...]

Yoga for Writers

"Whatever the medium of your creative expression, you probably struggle with few or all of these: shutting your mind, dealing with stiff neck and shoulders, staying in the present moment, getting [...]

Poha for Productivity

"Our mind and stomach share a direct correlation. If your stomach is satiated and nourished, your mind will be calm. And we know that happiness inspires productivity." To read the full essay, please [...]

Amazing Things Khichadi Can Do To Relieve Pain And Stress

"Yellow mung dal, high in protein and fibers, is considered healthier than other beans and legumes because it doesn’t produce any gas in the intestines. These are the only lentils that [...]

How Can Dinacharya (Daily Routine) Be Beneficial For You

"My power kick comes from the very ancient ayurvedic concept of dinacharya, which is a daily ritual of self-care. Dinacharya is the Sanskrit word for “daily routine” (‘din’ means day and [...]

Unleashing The Benefits Of Makhana

"According to Ayurveda, makhana has astringent properties. What does that mean? It removes toxins and, hence, can benefit the kidneys directly. It also aids in digestion and can be beneficial in [...]

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