5 Simple Tips To Conserve Your Energy And Keep Your Sanity Intact

"The people we spend time with the most influence the person we become. It’s because of the collective sum of the consciousness combined with your personality and individual consciousness. If you hang out with a bunch of pessimists, who believe [...]

6 Ayurvedic Tips to Stay Healthy When Travelling

“While it’s beautiful to be surrounded by loved ones, it’s equally important to spend quiet time alone to reflect, introspect, and grow. Find quiet moments reading a book or staring into space or strolling through parks or beaches.”  To read the [...]

Why Wellness Comes Before Business

"Inside of two days, my sleep improved. My mood became better. I found perspective on life and people. Because my heart was full and body fully rested, my cravings for nonsensical food items disappeared. The numbness in my arm went [...]

The Relationship Between Writing and Meditation

Meditation has taught me that instead of setting a word limit, I can set a time limit and write whatever comes to mind. I don’t judge or censor what I write in that time. I pay attention to my thoughts [...]

Why Creativity and Wellness Belong Together

The eastern philosophies have taught me self-compassion and to let go off expectations from my life and writing. They have made me realize how anger was hurting my organs and my sleep, which in turn impacted my emotional wellbeing as [...]

5 Ayurvedic Tips to Help You Sleep Better

In Ayurveda, health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Before it’s bedtime, be mindful of who you interact with… both online and offline. Easiest way: turn off your computer, television, emails, and social [...]

5 Ways Mindfulness Makes Traveling Easier

Mindful living doesn’t turn you into a saint; it reminds you to acknowledge the range of emotions you feel, but not always act on them. Respond, not react, has become my mantra. It reminds you life is too precious to [...]

The Impact of Yoga on Writing

So much of the artistic tantrums come from a place of insecurity and fear because we are so concerned about what others will think. But the moment you accept that you have no control over other people’s reactions, you start [...]

How a Headstand and Wheel Pose Got Me a Book Deal

I knew I had changed. I knew doing Wheel Pose and Headstand had introduced me to a place of confidence, fearlessness, and humility. Seamlessly, a book deal happened in December 2014. The book, tentatively titled Saris and a Single Malt, comes [...]

How Not To Be An Obstacle To Your Own Happiness

If you aren’t watchful of your time or aren’t mindful of surrounding yourself with positive people, toxicity may find a place in your life. To read the full essay, please click here.

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