Seven Wellness Tips for Writers

"Nothing is more important than your health. If you nurture your mind and body, they nourish your creativity." To read more, click here 

Employing a Holistic Approach for Health and Wellness

"When it comes to health and wellness, a holistic and customized approach is required. In today’s world, it’s clear that health and wellness is not a trend, it’s an intentional choice [...]

Writers: Keep Your Heart Healthy and Your Stories Strong

"Writing is a stressful job that requires long hours of working in isolation and sitting in one place in, often times, in bad posture. Over-stimulation of the nervous system using caffeine [...]

The Fatal Stigma & Silence Around Mental Health Among Desis Everywhere – Why?

"Until when will we treat mental illness as a taboo and keep struggling? How many more families and lives need to be destroyed before we concede that if one had diabetes or [...]

Why Writing Is a Form of Meditation

“Meditation calms the brain. When your nerves are relaxed and the body is happy, you process information the “right” way. Because your brain isn’t reacting to outside stimulation, you are more [...]

How Meditation Can Help a Writer

"Between social media, emails, newsletters, online ads, we are constantly bombarded with hot writing trends and best-selling genres. In this over-stimulated state, the pressure to blindly follow what others are doing [...]

Writers: Empower Yourself With Self-Care

"Dear writers: Make time for YOU and actually care for yourself. When we hear self-care, a lot of us assume that it means spending $$$ at a spa. Many of us believe [...]

Benefits of Walking Meetings

"You have probably heard about the numerous health benefits of walking – right from strengthening your heart, boosting the immune function, and easing joint pain to counteracting the effect of weight-promoting [...]

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