5 Ways Mindfulness Makes Traveling Easier

Mindful living doesn’t turn you into a saint; it reminds you to acknowledge the range of emotions you feel, but not always act on them. Respond, not react, has become my [...]

The Impact of Yoga on Writing

So much of the artistic tantrums come from a place of insecurity and fear because we are so concerned about what others will think. But the moment you accept that you [...]

How a Headstand and Wheel Pose Got Me a Book Deal

I knew I had changed. I knew doing Wheel Pose and Headstand had introduced me to a place of confidence, fearlessness, and humility. Seamlessly, a book deal happened in December 2014. [...]

How Not To Be An Obstacle To Your Own Happiness

If you aren’t watchful of your time or aren’t mindful of surrounding yourself with positive people, toxicity may find a place in your life. To read the full essay, please click here.

How Yoga Saved Me (And I Didn’t Know It

I learned that yoga is about controlling your mind, thoughts, and ego. It teaches you to live in the present and the power of breathing right. Yoga is about experiencing gratitude, [...]

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