I’m an aspiring integrative health nutritionist and herbalist, health coach, and Karuna-Reiki Master. I’m also a botanical skincare and aromatherapy-wellness product artisan. In my free time, I enjoy writing about the healing properties of mother nature, holistic health and wellness and anything that inspires and captivates my heart and soul. My motivation is sustaining balance and harmony in my mind, body and spirit and/or internal world. Wellness is no longer a choice but rather a daily necessity to keep ourselves from being swept away by the roaring rapids of chaos that surrounds us.

For me, wellness isn’t a final destination but rather an evolving practice of holistic self-care comprised of tiny steps we take towards our optimal health every day. I practice self-awareness and always try my best to be in tune with my body and my evolving daily wellness needs. My wellness values and goals are all-encompassing and holistic. They are comprised of an integrative mesh-work of many practices that nurture my mind, body and spirit: meditation and prayer, exercise such as yoga and jogging, consuming a nutrient-rich, predominantly unprocessed and plant-based diet, and cultivation of joyful, lighthearted moments among other things. My most challenging wellness goal at this point in my life is sustaining balance and harmony in my schedule because I am pursuing my master’s degree in integrative health and nutrition while working full time and simultaneously building my holistic wellness business on the side.