I am a writer, speaker, and Executive Director at Exhale to Inhale, a nonprofit organization that uses trauma-informed yoga as a tool to empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence. My definition of wellness is a physical and emotional wellbeing. To me, acts of wellness are expressions of self-love. Over the years I’ve found a great deal of healing and comfort in running, yoga, and meditation and I’ve definitely needed different things at different points in my life. Whether it’s a run, a moment of quiet, a down dog, a snuggle from my dogs, or extra rest, I try really hard to listen to what my body and mind need and carve out time to do those things, no matter what is going on around me. It can be really difficult with everything we have going on all the time but it’s so important.

To know that we can create our own feelings of safety, stability, and joy is empowering and provides such a strong foundation for the rest of our lives. I am passionate about inspiring people to reconnect with the power they have inside them, to help them to see that they have a choice in how they react to the external pressures that we come up against, to feel as if they are enough just as they are, and to shed the “shoulds” and judgments we place on ourselves. That’s what wellness means to me.