I am an actress, producer and fitness professional. I am also currently the climbing and fitness manager at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge. Prioritizing my wellness and fitness is the only way I get anything done! Now that I am juggling a full-time job, auditions and two companies, the only way I stay sane is to get up bright and early to make sure I get my training in first. Once that is done I am energized and confident and ready to focus.

I’m not sure I have very good internal motivations for health and wellness – at least not ones that are positive in nature. As someone who is in remission from a chronic illness, the symptoms of which I manage through my fitness and healthy lifestyle, fear of sliding back into unhealthy times is a large motivator. Other than that, external motivations are more helpful for me. Because of that I have a weightlifting coach and I train for and compete in weightlifting meets for fun. This keeps me on track with my goals!