Wellness, mental and physical, means a lot to me to maintain my equilibrium, positivity and productivity in what I do at work and after work. I am an accountant by profession and work either in a job or freelance to help out companies with their bookkeeping needs. In my free time, I am a fitness instructor specializing in group fitness. I teach group fitness classes after work in the evenings and weekend, where I lead by example. The kind of classes I teach are based on mixed martial arts, aerobics, and weights. Bonding over sweat we end up making friends and sharing many aspects of our lives together.

My internal motivators would be to spread joy and the ‘wealth of health.’ When I lift people out of their mundane routines and they leave the class happy, it creates a holistic happiness. To be able empower and motivate, I need to channel my positive energy and that in turn motivates me. I believe if you ‘feel well’ you ‘do well’ in all aspects of life.