I’m an actor and producer. Wellness and health, in my opinion, are the most important tools I have to help me do my job and withstand the stress of the hustle of my industry. I am not someone that can easily sit and meditate. Believe me, I’ve tried. My mind goes a mile a minute. For me, rock climbing/ bouldering has been the answer. Not only does it help me concentrate on one thing and forces me to breathe through every reach and pull, it gives me a goal to concentrate on and keeps me coming back for the challenge. As a task list oriented person, I need an end result. Plus, when I’m on the wall, if I don’t concentrate fully and breathe, I fall…literally. If I let thoughts of doubt come in and make me scared of how high I am or that I can’t make it to the top…I fall. So, climbing has become a meditative experience for me. In addition, I’m a huge believer in food as medicine and I truly believe that the reason why I’ve been able to stay on my life path is because I have learned the value of cooking for myself and paying attention to everything that goes into my body…and that includes enjoying indulgences and abstaining (as best as I can) from feeling guilt for indulging. We all have our weaknesses…mine are dark chocolate and French fries lol…and boy are they good!!

My motivation is pretty simple. I want to be around. I want to be present for the people I love, and to pursue my dreams while helping those around me pursue theirs. So, for me, wellness isn’t just about health and fitness; it’s about mindfulness, leading with gratitude and kindness. It’s how we live longer and happier lives. Wellness is my way of life.