I am a lifestyle coach, certified image consultant, and also a nutritionist. I am a partner in a leading media company Aquarius Ventures, but after almost 15 years in the field of marketing and media while raising 2 daughters, I was inspired me to become a lifestyle coach. This is because I gained immense weight, especially during my second pregnancy. It was really hard to shed that weight but when I motivated myself to take it up seriously, it ended up becoming a passion. Weight loss got easy and with a combination of the right diet, it led to a transformation…both physically and mentally. I am a passionate believer in the gym routine and workout 6 days a week. 3 days devoted to cardio and 3 days to weight training. Being a big fan of yoga and pranayama, I practice it exclusively for 3 days while it is also part of my cool down and stretching after my workouts daily.

Being fab and fit can give you that edge to your life which cannot be attained in any other way. From the time I have made wellness a priority, it has enhanced my lifestyle and in turn, increased my happiness quotient. Both my daughters are inspired by my wellness routine and we all follow healthy eating habits and fitness routines thus making us successful in our own tasks.